This depends on the amount of daylight that the panels absorb. Location is a key factor in this. Some regions get more daylight and some buildings are better oriented for catching that light. A home solar PV system, sized at 12 sq. m would generate about 2,100 kWh of electricity a year, about 50% of the typical average demand for an Irish home.

Absolutely. In fact, most new homes in Ireland come with solar panels installed. Solar panels require daylight to operate. While the sun is brighter in Spain and other countries, there is plenty of daylight in Ireland, making solar an efficient, clean energy source, with which to power your home.

Please contact your service provider to see what feed in tariffs are available to you.

The client owns the panels which are paid for through a monthly Direct Debit.
Installing MySolar doesn’t impact on your ability to sell your home. Should you choose to sell at any stage you can either pay the remaining balance on the proceeds or the new owner can take over the agreement with MySolar.
This type of solar installation, Solar PV, has more broad application than solar for water heating. This generates electricity for your home, which can in turn be used for light, heat or to power your appliances. We can also install a diverter switch, this uses surplus energy to heat your water.

MySolar will assist you with your application for the grant for solar. Any savings will then be incorporated into our contract with you. The process is simple and transparent and allows you to benefit from the grant funding with the least possible fuss.

No. The panels have no impact on television signals or phone reception.
No. We can install up to 12m² of solar panels or 50% of the area of your roof without requiring planning permission.
Most installations are done within a day.


With MySolar there are no upfront costs. Instead, you sign up to our Solar as a Service plan, paying a fee every month on a 10 year contract. For many people, this makes converting to solar possible now.

Your monthly fee depends on what options you choose to install, and, if you qualify for the full €2,100 SEAI grant, this will
dramatically reduce your monthly payments

Below we have listed the full range of options:

Option: 1


From €29.50 After Grant

Option:  2


From €39.50 After Grant
This is our basic installation. You get a bank of solar panels installed on your roof. This is connected to your home’s fuseboard and supplies energy to your home during daylight hours. However, the energy isn’t stored.
In addition to supplying energy to your home, the MySolar PV system can be connected directly to your immersion tank. This will give you a way to provide hot water to your home and ensure that you utilise more of the energy that you generate.